Why It Is Worth To Start Selling On eBay Or Amazon

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2018 September 27
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There’s no hiding the fact that there are numerous e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Shopify. However, the big players still remain eBay and Amazon. Whilst the two platforms don’t compete together, according to CEO Devin Wenig, people are still deciding which one is the better one.


Each platform has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, you have to decide for yourself which one is the most suitable one for you. There are important things to take into consideration so let’s start from the beginning.





Since we live in capitalism, it’s obvious that they are competitive in their own way. However, Amazon takes it to the next level so it makes it more difficult for newcomers to enter the “big game”. This is due to the fact that beginners not only have to compete with big brands, they also have to compete with Amazon itself. Therefore, many people feel like pawns in a game of corporate chess. Nonetheless, the number of items sold by Amazon has decreased significantly. Whilst in 2007 there were 74% of items purchased sold by them, in 2018 the scale has tipped to 50/50. As you can see, there are still enough products to override your own products.


On the other hand, Amazon provides every category that you can think of. Therefore, there’s definitely space for your items. There’s no sign that Amazon will slow down, and customers don’t wish that upon them.



Whilst Amazon isn’t slowing down, neither is eBay. There are numerous people who like the fact that it’s used for collectibles and used items. But, 80% of items sold on the platform are brand new. The greatest thing about eBay is the fact that your company will not be used as a guinea pig in order to make themselves boost profit.


As a rule of thumb, if you want to start selling on eBay you will have very low limits like 5/500$ or 10/1000$. If you want to be one of the big players and want to start selling in a high volume, you should buy a high limit eBay account. There are few companies which have eBay account for sale.

If you want to build a brand with your own products, it’s best that you use this platform. It has low barriers for beginners so you can start selling right away. If you want a very competitive platform where you compete with the “big boss” you should choose Amazon.




When it comes to traffic statistics, no other platform can come close to Amazon and eBay. Their bounce rate can reach up to 25% which means that 70% will view more than one page per site. If you work hard, you will manage to get your product on the first few pages. Few of the reasons why they capture the customers is because Amazon has numerous categories and on eBay, the auction feature is highly beneficial for the business and for you.



This platform is expected to clear around $258 billion in US retail sales this year. That’s 49.1% of all online retail. However, this only applies to Americans. It’s a known fact that eBay is available in many more countries. Whilst Amazon works in 10 countries, you will find that eBay works with 36 countries. Check out these facts:

  • There are around 350 million monthly users
  • Each user spends around 11 minutes on the site
  • 50% of households have Amazon Prime



Due to the fact that eBay is designed to benefit customers and sellers, you will find that the fees are much lower for the sellers and customers pay less for their products. This is why eBay is set to reach an impressive number of potential customers for your business. The statistics show that in the second quarter of 2018, the platform will reach 175 million active users. People that buy. What’s interesting to mention is the fact that the number has risen when compared to the first quarter of 2018. This means, that eBay shows no sign of slowing down either.



Although sellers by the third party weren’t in the original business plan for Amazon, it’s clear to see that in today’s age it’s a completely different story. Whilst for customers it’s a wonderful wonderland full of products, for sellers such as yourself, it can be daunting and time-consuming. Nonetheless, if you build your brand to size up to the popular brands, you can create your own empire.


When considering eBay, it’s very important to remember that this is one of the best platforms for newcomers. A very helpful tip is to look online for businesses that have eBay account for sale. It will give you a starting point that you need in order to be successful.