How to increase sales on eBay?

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2019 October 16
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How to increase sales on eBay?

eBay is a big opportunity for all online sellers that are looking to maximize profits. The site’s global reach and substantial active customers can double your earnings within a week. Nonetheless, merely having a presence on such a platform isn’t enough.

On average, there are millions of online customers and businesses every day, depending on what you sell, you can compete with thousands of companies that sell the same products as your store.

Statistics show that there are 1.1 billion active listings, 81% of these will offer new items, and there are around 20 million sellers on the platform, from all over the world.

The math is simple; if you want to increase traffic to your store, you have to stand out from the competition. To this, follow the steps below:

1.    Optimize your profile

There are several questions to ask yourself when setting up your profile. Hence, you should ask yourself questions such as:

•    What do you want the customers to see?

•    How secure is the navigation through the products?

•    Are the photos of good quality?

Set up a custom listing that will fit your business’s image. Thus, you should spend time to create a logo, navigation bar, and potentially an email sign-up section.

In addition to this, you can also create a billboard image that will show any promotions or unique products. Furthermore, a featured item list will highlight specific products that you want to sell.

2.    Use proper titles

When talking about optimization, we advise that you keep the human side to your profile. Hence, you should avoid titles made explicitly for computer search engines.

Your buyers are going to search for items in simple words. For example, “Men’s Timberland boots” then, they will use the filters to search for color and size. Even though in the past, a customizable title was the best choice, now it’s no longer the case.

If you want to test which title works best for your particular product, you should search for the product and watch out for the suggestions on the prefill of the search bar. Those words will show you what eBay will want your title to have.

3.    Use the help of email marketing

To stay ahead of the competitors, you need to use tools that they don’t. Email marketing will allow you to make customers interested in what you’re buying without seeming pushy. To get their emails, you should create a special section within your profile or product descriptions.

There are several ways that you can make a catchy email that will boost open and click-through rates. For example, the subject line should be short and simple with a touch of personalization. So, it should be:

•    [name] don’t miss out the latest deals

•    Hello, [name] the offers will end tomorrow

•    [title] open the email to find the discount code

As you can see above, the subject line will also create a sense of urgency. This action will persuade potential customers to open the email and click on the link. Best of all, you can use eBay’s email design tools to create an email. Hence, you don’t have to waste time or money to attract more people.

4.    Content is key

Your product may be exactly what the customers want, but if your description is with spelling and grammar mistakes, it has the potential to put the customers off. Hence, you can lose a sale if you don’t proofread the text.

You can use tools such as Grammarly, to double-check your spelling. In addition to this, the content should be in an easy-to-read format by cutting down the paragraphs. You have to bear in mind that a large percentage of those that use eBay will check the items on their mobile devices.  Thus, long articles are not ideal.

Furthermore, you should also take into account that you should use only one color font, such as black and left-align the text. This action again will be helpful for those that use mobile devices. Additionally, you should also use an acceptable font size. So, you should stay away from anything lower than size 12.

A description that isn’t exaggerated and is easy to understand is the winning strategy for higher sale rates. Linking back to email marketing, you should avoid using over-selling language. Everyone will know that you’re trying to sell, so, you should stay truthful.

5.    Refresh the RSS feed

As you may know, the internal search engine is named Cassini. This search engine is influenced by new activities such as new product listings. This Really Simple Syndication technology will send information to Google. 

You don’t have to do anything special to make this happen. Each new listing will be sent automatically to Google using the RSS. Nonetheless, you can make your products higher in the search results by refreshing it once in a while. To do this, you should turn it off and on once per month.

Since we’re talking about new product listings, we advise that you list something new every day. Such action doesn’t mean that you relist unsold products! Even though it can be time-consuming, introducing new items will stir the pot and improve the sale rates. For example, every new list will appear in the “Newly Listed” on eBay. The more you create, the higher the chances are to bring others to your store.

If you don’t have time to do this manually every day, you should use the tools eBay gives you. Scheduling tools will allow new products to enter the market at a specific time and date, without you having to do anything. So, you can do other activities while your products are public to millions of people.


As you can see, the steps above are easy to follow. You don’t have to spend any money, but you do have to spend time to make your profile pleasing to people from different backgrounds, ages, and gender. The main idea is to keep it simple and doesn’t inflate the content. If people see that you’ve put in the effort to make your profile professional, they’re more likely to purchase from you.