How not to get suspended on eBay?

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2018 October 8
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How not to get suspended on eBay?

To continue selling, you mustn’t breach any of eBay’s policies. A suspension will mean business interruption and severe implications for you. In general, these policies are made to protect sellers and buyers from fraudulent activity. Through them, the platform will ensure that everyone has a fair chance of selling and buying.

Why Does eBay Suspend Accounts?

There are several reasons why your account may get suspended. Below are the most common issues that will trigger a suspension.

Late shipping

As you may know, you will write the estimated shipping time in the description before the customer places an order. This information will contribute to the buyer’s decision if they want to purchase from you or not.

As the customers have expectations set, you better meet them. Therefore, if you have a problem with the delivery process, you should get in contact with the customer immediately. Otherwise, you will make them nervous, and they will cancel and leave negative feedback.

Late validation

Your customers will want to know the status of the orders. In addition to this, they should be able to track their products at all times, fast. Thus, sharing the tracking number is essential and useful for business.

Without this action, you will raise two flags that will trigger eBay’s algorithm. If you don’t share the tracking number, it means poor seller workflow. Additionally, it also means that you’ve used an unreliable delivery service.

If this happens more than once, the platform will suspend your account due to the unreliability. It’s not safe for eBay’s reputation to allow you to be a seller on their platform.

Violation of defect rate metric

By violating this metric, you’ve won yourself a fast track to suspension. By having a high transaction defect rate, it means that you’re not responsive to complaints. So, you have a reduced communication rate.

You should always communicate with buyers and potential customers with excellent customer service. Another advice that we can give you is never to oversell your product. This action will raise the buyer’s expectations, and your business can suffer. Furthermore, if the product is re-sold, you should highlight the blemishes. Stay away from over-promising on the quality.

Another way that you can keep the defect rate metric low is to create friendships with your potential customers. The business-customer relationship is essential as people will see you more as a friend rather than a business that is after their money. So, they will be able to look over the inevitable mistakes that you make.

Use the Resolution Center

If your customers have a problem, you should resolve the situation head-on. You should work with your customers rather than ignore them or giving a half-resolved solution. To have a successful business, you should meet their demands and issues.

A negative review will undermine numerous good reviews. So, you should stay away from them at all times. We advise that you shouldn’t put terms and conditions in small prints as not many will read such a section.