What is the accounts delivery time?

1-3 Business days

How it will be delivered?

It will be sent to your E-Mail.

What is the stealth guide?

The stealth guide will help you to manage your stealth accounts and will give you the knowledge how to stay alive much longer.

What is VPN, why I need it and where I can buy from

VPN is dedicated IP. You need to use VPN for your each account because new account must have new, fresh, never used IP address. We have partners who are selling dedicated IP’s so once you bought the account from us, we will give you the all details.

Do you offer any guarantee? 

We offer guarantee for accounts who were used by the stealth guide but were suspended before you list your first item. eBay randomly suspending accounts, if this happens we will call and reinstate the accounts or we will give you a replacement.

How do I withdraw money from your accounts? 

If you’re in the United States or Canada, the easiest way to get your money would be to add your own bank and withdraw the money. If you’re outside the United States and Canada, you can send the money to another account and withdraw it or we can custom create a PayPal in your country with the package.