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ebay account for sale
Each account is made with utmost attention to detail. They undergo a series of quality procedures to ensure that each account is flawless before being delivered to our clients.

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ebay account for sale
Even though that we’ve invested a lot in our accounts, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to have one. Our prices are one of the most competitive and budget-friendly on the market.

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We’ve created a detailed guide on how to use the stealth accounts securely. Moreover, we have a team of experts available at any time of the day to provide you with support.

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You’ve just found your golden ticket to heaven with eBay and the platform has suspended your account? Make your kids happy again with YourStealth, increase your income with our accounts and buy all the ice-cream they’ve ever wanted!

So, you got your account banned and all of your personal information has been blacklisted. If you create a new account with any of the previous information, it will be flagged and suspended. In fact, even using the same internet connection will link your account to the previous. If this happens, you can either request higher limits and wait for 30 days or purchase a stealth account.

After a permanent suspension, the only way to start selling again is to make yourself a new identity. Trick the platform into believing that you’re a new user. For the purpose, you’ll need a completely stealth account with a new identity and hidden electronic fingerprints. If it isn’t linked to your previous information, eBay will assume it’s a new member.

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ebay account for sale

What is stealth account and how to use it?

What is stealth account?

Basically, the stealth account serves as a second identity to your digital self. When working with large enterprises such as PayPal and eBay, the sanctions against their Terms of Service are severe and they often result in suspension. Say goodbye to your account is easy, but saying it to a main stream of income isn’t.

That’s where the stealth account providers come in, giving you a second identity to get you up and running.

The stealth account is your new alias and it is created manually by our team of experts, following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the account. We employ only the latest techniques in the industry and we’ve never failed to satisfy our customers.

We offer eBay and Paypal accounts with added information, addresses, verifications and so on. Most of our products are available for instant delivery upon payment, but others require some time.

Our accounts come with a detailed guide on how to use them. It also serves as a guarantee when followed strictly. We offer replacements when the platforms randomly flag the account and suspends it.

You’ll receive the accounts in a document file, ready to be logged in and used. By following the guide thoroughly, you’ll protect yourself from arising issues.


What’s included with your purchase?

You will receive all the account’s details on a single file, received through your mail address. With it, we’ll send you a detailed guide on how to use the accounts safely without having any issues with both Paypal and eBay.

Moreover, we’ll send you the recommended Firefox Portable browser version used to create the account with the same cookies. For individuals who follow the guide strictly, we offer a 60-day free replacement in case of a random suspension. You will also receive our support throughout the whole process and after that.


21-day hold

Many people have asked us whether the accounts have a 21-day hold. Well, due to the nature of the hold, we cannot guarantee that Paypal won’t put a hold onto your account as they do it regardless of the account’s age. In most cases, the limit will be dropped within 7 days.


Funds withdraw

The easiest way to withdraw your funds from Paypal is to have a bank account. However, we must to mention that you need to have a fresh, never used on PayPal bank account. Otherwise, you will need an alternative method to transfer your money, such as Bitcoin. You can find more information here.

Why it’s worth to choose us?

Why should you choose us?

For the past six years, we have been delivering stealth accounts with a hundred percent satisfaction rate. Our experience in creating eBay and Paypal accounts have given us the opportunity to provide a solid product that won’t let you down.

We believe that customers are business partners and as such, we provide unlimited support throughout the whole process.

Many people ask us how our prices are so competitive, but the truth is that we’re just not as greedy as our competitors. We believe that everyone deserves a clean account to work with and we’ve made it as affordable as possible.

For example, our best seller is 1,000 items listed / $25,000 account. Currently, it is being sold at only $139 by YourStealth, while our competitor’s offers start at $200 and beyond. With a modest calculation, you can see that you save up to $100 – $200 per account.

For us, quality is of paramount importance and we would never compromise on that!

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eBay Account for Sale – USA eBay + USA PayPal PACKAGES

US eBay account for sale + US PayPal account for sale
Limits: 1000items/25000$
Phone number confirmed (Google voice).
Up to 30 days age.
Virtual Credit Card Included.
Address confirmed.
Stealth guide.
US eBay account for sale + US PayPal account for sale
Limits: 5000items/500 000$.
Phone number confirmed (Google voice).
Up to 30 days age.
Virtual Credit Card Included.
Address confirmed.
Stealth guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the delivery period?

It takes up to 48 hours for the account’s delivery.

How does the delivery occur?

The stealth accounts will be delivered by E-Mail.

What is the stealth guide?

The stealth guide is a detailed instruction on how to treat your accounts securely in order to last longer

What is VPN, why I need it and where I can buy it from?

The VPN is a dedicated IP address, that’s required by every new account. The addresses of the accounts must not be the same, or else they will be suspended. We work in tight partnership with a secure VPN provider, so contact us for details.

Do you offer any guarantee?

The stealth guide is your guarantee. We offer refunds only on individuals who follow the instructions strictly and were suspended before listing their first item. If the account was randomly terminated, we will provide you with a replacement.

How do I withdraw money from your accounts?

For US or Canadian citizens, the easiest way to withdraw money is through your bank account. For foreigners, the easiest way is to send the cash to another account and then withdraw it.

Do you still have any questions? Please contact us! We always have eBay account for sale!